Cycling Tours
Extended the website.

An explanation.

Why this side is named SBMethods and what is the realtion to cycling.

During my thesis I was dealing with quite a number of different algorithms related with Systems Biology. That growths the idea to setup a wiki for the used methods. For an useful implementation, it was planned to enable LaTeX Support, GNU Plot and other scientific tools. Therefore a simple hosting wasn't sufficient and I rented a vServer.
Time was running so fast and I was busy like hell and this project was out of my focus. Nowadays, I changed my professional focus and it seems, that Systems Biology will not be part of my life. It makes no sence anymore to put work in the idea of an wiki anymore.
On the other hand I organised different cycling tours in the past years. I'll going to publish some of these tours here. Additionally it is planned to create a how to plan a good tour.
I'm still interested in science, and maybe this site will have also a section about it, but this is not for sure.
It seems, that there is no link between Systems Biology Methods and cycling, except my interest. Last but not least, I'm to stingy to change the domain name.